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Terms & Conditions

  1. The general terms and conditions governing each sale are set out on this document.
  2. This document is a quotation that is valid for 30 days and it becomes an order once it is signed. The signed copy must be handed to the Ysterman representative or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  3. Both Ysterman and the purchaser agree that this document is binding to both parties on acceptance of the quotation by the purchaser and that no promises, warranties and undertakings outside this document will be valid unless signed by both the purchaser and one of the owners of Ysterman. If the purchaser wants to change some of the items on the order, this must be done in writing, in which case a fax or e-mail will suffice.
  4. Both the seller and the purchaser agree to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court.
  5. Ysterman undertakes to manufacture the products with great care and of high quality and to deliver and install it in good order.
  6. When signing this document, the purchaser agrees:
    1. That he/she is fully acquainted with the contents of this agreement and that he/she is bound by the terms and conditions.
    2. That he/she is the legal owner or competent person of the property where work is to be done. If not, the purchaser must obtain written consent of the legal owner that the work may be done on the premises. In all instances, the purchaser will be responsible to ensure payment to Ysterman.
    3. That the measurements stated on the quotation are correct.
    4. To pay a 70% deposit before the products are manufactured.
    5. To pay the rest of the amount on the day of installation.
    6. That the ownership of the product will not go over to the purchaser until the amount is paid in full.
    7. That the keys of the gates will only be handed over once the products are paid in full.
    8. That any legal action due to non-payment will be for the account of the purchaser and that interest will be charged on overdue amounts and will be compounded monthly. This includes debt collection organizations, legal charges and lawyers.
    9. The purchaser will supply electricity for installation. If not, the purchaser will be responsible for the prescribed fee of a generator.
  7. If the seller suspects that the purchaser’s economic situation has changed and that there is reason to believe that the purchaser will not be able to fulfill his/her payment obligations, Ysterman may suspend delivery and demand payment prior to affecting delivery.
  8. Once the order is placed and manufacturing has started, the purchaser may not cancel the order for any reason what so ever and will be responsible for the full amount.
  9. Any other payment arrangement other than what is set out in this document will only be valid if personally signed by one of the owners of Ysterman. Please contact one of the owners of Ysterman immediately if any problem regarding payment occurs to make the necessary arrangements.
  10. Ysterman’s liability in respect of defective goods shall be limited to repairing or replacing the products.
  11. If the purchaser in not at home at the agreed upon day of installation, or did not make suitable arrangements with a responsible person to allow entry to Ysterman’s installation team, the purchaser will be responsible for delivery costs on anther day.
  12. Construction and installation may be dangerous, thus the purchaser must ensure that children, pets, guests and other persons stay away from the delivery vehicles and installation site. Ysterman shall not be liable for any injuries to persons.
  13. Once the products are installed by Ysterman, the risk will pass to the purchaser.
  14. Ysterman reserves the right to refuse this order for good reasons.
  15. This quotation is valid for 30 days. The purchaser may still make use if the order after 30 days, but must take note that in the case of a price increase, the new price will be valid. The purchaser must also notify Ysterman if the measurements have changed, e.g. when tiles have been installed.
  16. Ysterman will confirm the delivery date that is stated on the quotation.  Delivery times are approximate due to traffic conditions. Ysterman will endeavor to adhere as closely as possible to specific delivery times and will notify the purchaser of time changes.
  17. Although all precautions will be taken during installation, Ysterman does not accept responsibility of any damage to walls or structure during the installation process.
  18. A cancellation fee of 25% of the total contract value will be charged if the customer cancels the contract.
  19. Any changes from or additions to the original agreement or quotation will be invoiced separately after consultation with the customer.
  20. The purchaser take note that the installation team may not perform other work on the premises and agrees not to request the installation team to perform other tasks, such as handy man work.
  21. Ysterman will manufacture the products as ordered and will consult the purchaser should it be necessary to alter the product for some valid reason.
  22. Cheques to be made out to Ysterman Safety and Security and deposited into:
    Acc no: 1553 086 600
    Branch: Montana (155345)

    **Please note that there is a waiting period of 10 – 14 working days when paying with a cheque.

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